Following the design line of her older sister in Patacona and located in the emblematic neighborhood of Ruzafa, La Más Bonita Ruzafa was born in an old oven that has been in operation since 1933 until the retirement of its previous owner. There have been many elements that have been preserved with respect to the local beach, from an exact replica of the bar, its large showcase to display all our cakes to the blue and white colors through, of course, the bike hanging from the ceiling.

One of the most characteristic novelties of this new location is, without a doubt, the rotating oven of 3.5 meters in diameter. Framed by a blue carpentry and behind a glass window you can enjoy the creation of our cakes live, we have even dared with a small terrace! A small covered outdoor area that welcomes anyone who wants to enter La Más Bonita Ruzafa. We didn’t want to forget about bike rides either and we have once again created a route to go through a part of the old town of Valencia and finish it with one of your favorite cakes.

In short, we wanted to make you feel at home… Did we succeed?