It’s eight o’clock. The aroma of the freshly made pastries floods our establishment. Cups clink, drawers open and close. Chairs scrape the floors, voices, and in the background the waves, music that’s the everyday gift of our sea. The day starts, people come and go: a group of friends, a girl with a laptop, someone’s writing in a notebook sitting in front of fresh orange juice, a business lunch… And the afternoon draws on. A solitary tea, love stories that come and go, friends sharing secrets… Who knows? The moon lights up the beach and the sea looks foamy in front of the terrace. A second date, a first dinner… an entire day among delicious cakes, tabboulehs, eggplant mille-feuilles… These and other stories are written every day on life’s paper, and they are written by the people who visit us. That’s the reason why we want to know something more. Who are they? What do they do? What do they like? There’s no better way to talk about the people who make up the soul of La Más Bonita than from the pages of a magazine, created to give them a voice and a face. Because we want to introduce our clients and share it through this new project. The people who make this establishment a different and cosmopolitan place. Restless, creative, proactive people, who believed in a dream and brought it to life. All of them a reflection of the Mediterranean spirit – fresh, happy, dynamic – and already a part of us. Because this is what we are like at La Más Bonita. Our establishment is a place where you can enjoy life, while working or relaxing, so you can have a fresh start every day.

We are starting this project which we are delighted to share with you. Thank you for writing part of your story at La Más Bonita.