SPECIAL BREAKFAST (Recommended for 2 people) 

Wake up to the best homemade La Bonita breakfast in bed directly from our workshop.

CONTAINS: Our beautiful blue box with 2 sandwiches of Iberian ham, 2 mini empanadillas, pastry mix (1 butter croissant, 1 whole wheat croissant, 1 chocolate croissant and 1 white chocolate croissant) 2 orange coldpress and 1 portion of cake (Classic Cheesecake), Blueberries, Nutella, Baileys, pumpkin, New red velvet, Carrot cake, Coconut pineapple and carrot, Oreo cake, Chocorgasmo, 3 chocolates, Ferrero or Kinder) and our medium-sized Keep Cup.

Conditions: The purchase will be made through Glovo’s platform. Breakfast will be served between 9:00 a.m. and 21:00 a.m. in the delivery area of Glovoapp23, S.L, within the capital of Valencia (Consult map). Product subject to availability. Glovoapp23, S.L. General Terms and Conditions of Carriage. Enjoy!

PRECIO (con transporte)

42€ (iva incluided)