Following the design style marked by her big sister in Patacona and located in the emblematic neighborhood of Ruzafa, La Más Bonita Ruzafa was born in an old bakery which used to be operational since 1933 until its former owner’s retirement. There are many elements of the restaurant on the beach that have been maintained: an exact copy of the bar counter, the big window displaying all our cakes, the white and blue colors and, of course, the bike hanging from the ceiling.

One of the most distinctive novelties of this new establishment is undoubtedly the rotating oven which boasts a 3.5 meter diameter. Framed with blue carpentry and behind a vitrine you can enjoy the creation of our cakes in realtime. We even dared to include a small terrace! A tiny exterior covered space welcomes those who want to visit La Más Bonita Ruzafa. We wanted to maintain the cozy atmoshpere of La Más Bonita Patacona, with its high ceilings covered with white wooden planks and the natural light, thus reproducing part of the essence of her big sister. The solid brick walls permit us to display this lovely material and obtain the rustic appearance distinguishing La Más Bonita which, combined with white, offers a fresh and modern look to an otherwise traditional environment. And, of course, we haven’t forgotten the bike tours and we have created a route for you to discover a part of Valencia’s old town and end your trip with one of your favourite cakes.

In brief, we wanted to make you feel at home… Did we achieve our goal?